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Show News 2012

DJ's First Kitten show.  He got 3 Finals! =)

Being  Judged! =)

Austin Cat Fanciers (Temple or Bust)

Temple, Texas  July 14, 2012

DJ was one tired Kitty at the end of the day!

Very happy with the results of his first show.

4th Best Kitten AllBreed  (Nancy Parkinson)

4th Best Kitten AllBreed  (D'Ann Kovic)

8th Best Kitten AllBreed  (Fate Mays)


Evangaline Country Cat Fanciers (VooDoo Cats)
New Orleans, Louisiana November 23-25, 2012

DJ became a CHAMPION on November 25, 2012 by receiving a final from Judge Theresa Kempton at VooDoo Cats in New Orleans, La.

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